Arneva - Alicante

Arneva Alicante, get information for the village and view a map of Arneva, Spain.

Map of Arneva and Guide to the Costa Blanca Village

Arneva Alicante: Above you can see a road map of Arneva, a village located on the Costa Blanca in Spain (province of Alicante, Comunidad de Valencia). Arneva is near to the towns of Orihuela and Bigastro, it has a population of about 1,100, and the postcode for Arneva is 03312.

The closest airport to Arneva is Aeropuerto de San Javier at around 52 kilometres (48 minutes drive approximately).

You can also see on this Arneva map, the areas of Orihuela, Hurchillo, Bigastro, Molins, the Murcia/Valencia border, and the roads CV-923, CV-921, and CV-925. Zoom in for Arneva streets (ie: Carrer Rosa, Carrer Carmen, Calle Rosario).

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