Benijofar Alicante

Benijofar Alicante, get information for the town and view a map of Benijofar, Costa Blanca, Spain.

Map of Benijofar and Guide to the Costa Blanca Town

Benijofar Alicante: Above you can see a map of Benijofar, a small town just inland of the Costa Blanca coastline, close to the larger towns of Rojales and Ciudad Quesada and near to Torrevieja. Benijofar is also a municipality within the province of Alicante and the district called the Vega Baja. Benijofar has a population of 3,900 and mostly developed during the property boom of the 1990's, it has a high percentage of non-spanish inhabitants, especially Brits. The municipality of Benijofar has an area of 4.40 square kilometres and the postcode for Benijofar is 03178.

The closest airport to Benijofar is Alicante airport at about 48 kilometres (around 29 minutes driving distance).

On the Benijofar map you can also see Los Palacios, Rojales, Formentera del Segura, Benimar, Montebello, Urbanizacion Monte Azul, Dona Pepa, El Nido and Ciudad Quesada.

Benijofar is about 36 kilometres from Alicante airport (around 43 minutes drive).

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